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Dr. Ken Taylor, Ed.D, LPCS, CSAT
Dr. Ken Taylor, Ed.D, LPCS, CSAT

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Michelle Stevens, LISW-CP
Therapist Near Me
Oprah Ingram, MA, LPC
Cindy Holloman, Office Manager
Ben Boatwright
Ben Boatwright, MA, LPC
Dallas Kuhn, MA, LPC, AADC

Dr. Ken Taylor, Ed.D, LPCS, CSAT

Job Title: Owner, Director, LPCS, CSAT

My passion as a Sexual Addiction Therapist and owner of Bright Side Counseling, comes from a life-long struggle with my own sexual addiction. From a very young age, I entered a highly sexualized home, including sexual abuse by five different men from age five to fourteen. All of these men played a significant and trusting role in my life.

When I was eleven years old, losing my father to emphysema forced me to grow up overnight into an overcompensating perfectionist. Perfect student, perfect son, and later a perfect member of the United States Air Force created an unsustainable persona. I chose addictive behavior to escape the unrealistic expectations I placed on myself. When I hit rock bottom, I realized the only way up, was to find a way to help others.

After obtaining a Master’s in Counseling and a Doctorate in Community Care and Counseling, Traumatology, both from Liberty University, I opened my counseling practice. Today, Bright Side Counseling is the leading counseling center in the Midlands of South Carolina for the treatment of Problematic Sexual Behavior.

I developed a highly successful Problematic Sexual Behavior treatment program that includes individual therapy to treat any trauma present, group workshops to explore family of origin dynamics that influence current behavior, and partner with local 12-Step programs to provide peer support. I look forward to assisting you on your journey!

Michelle Stevens, MSW, LISW-CP

Job Title: Licensed Independent Social Worker-Clinical Practice

Clients: Adults ages 17+

Specializes in: Addiction Recovery, Codependency, Women’s Issues, Family Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Reality Therapy(RT)

Michelle utilizes a common-sense approach to improving one’s circumstances by assisting those who seek counseling support in identifying their desired outcome and facilitating skill-building to achieve these goals.Whether in the individual, family, or small group setting, the focus remains on reducing chaos through emotional regulation and life skills.

Availability: She offers flexible hours of availability Monday through Friday.

Education: Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of South Carolina 1991

Experience: Counselor Education Ed.S. (Specialty: Clinical Mental Health)

Personal Message: Feeling discouraged or unprepared for life’s challenges? From early childhood through late adulthood, life’s complexity can feed into anxious and depressive states that exhaust our efforts to grow into the potential we all crave. You are in the good company of many others who want better for themselves, those they love, and the world they inhabit, but who struggle to transcend the traumas and conflict that disrupt healthy living.

Don’t let life’s discouragements overshadow your potential. Therapy is a safe place to express yourself and explore means of experiencing freedom and meaning in your life. Together, we can begin to unpack the things that have weighed you down on your journey and pursue a better lived tomorrow. It is never too late to ask for help, gain clarity, feel confident, and begin your next journey.

Oprah Ingram, MA, LPCA

Job Title: Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Clients: Works with Men, Women, Adolescents, and Couples ages 15+

Specializes in: Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Issues

Approach: I believe the client's needs come first. I use primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Hours: Currently available on weekdays.

Education: Master’s in Counseling from Capella University.

Personal Message: I am originally from a very small town in Georgia. The community I grew up in lacked a lot of resources, and those with emotional issues, mental disorders, and mental illnesses went their entire lives without receiving the proper attention they deserved. I want to help individuals realize their potential, think beyond their circumstance, and present alternative ways of thinking about how they approach the issues they face.

If you are considering returning to counseling or trying it for the first time, I want to commend you on taking a step towards self-improvement. Counseling approaches are not one size fits all. Remember to breath and don’t overthink the process. If you feel things are not a good fit, don’t lose your motivation and don’t give up. Let me help you find the change you're looking for.

Dallas W. Kuhn, MRC, LPC, CCTHP, CCATP

Job Title: Licensed Professional Counselor, Advanced Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor (AADC)

Clients: Works with Men, Women, and Couples, ages 17+

Specializes in: Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Marriage Counseling

Approach: I firmly believe in a holistic approach to counseling utilizing primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Hours: Evening and Saturday appointments.

Education: Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of South Carolina Columbia. Member of Celebrate Recovery for 15+ years. Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina – Beaufort, Associates Degree in Human Services from Midlands Tech

Personal Message: Feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and misunderstood? Does your life lack meaning and purpose? Are you struggling with substance abuse, alcohol, or other addictions and feel your life is out of control? Are you not living the life you want? I know how you feel, and I can help. Our journey in life can sometimes be difficult, frightening, and painful. However, it’s through these moments that we find an opportunity for our greatest growth, to become our genuine self, who we are meant to be.

You want more out of life. You want to live with purpose and meaning - not negativity and fear. You want confidence, healthy relationships, and freedom from what holds you back from your dreams. You want some fun in your life and an exciting future!

I’ll meet you right where you are without judgment but with respect. I'll help you be self-directed and proactive in your life. I have a down-to-earth approach, and you’ll feel comfortable discussing how we can get you where you want to be. I’m flexible with my time and offer evening and Saturday appointments. Give me a call. You're worth it!

Ben Boatwright, MA, LPC

Job Title: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Clients: Works with Men, Women, and Couples age 17+

Specializes in: Individual and Group Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, LGBTQI

Approach: Reality Therapy, Holistic and Strength-based approach, Humanistic Approach

Availability: Currently available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Education: MEd, University of South Carolina, MRC, University of South Carolina, Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Personal Message: Caring and compassion are two of the cornerstones of a therapeutic relationship. I am driven to helping you find solutions to the challenges you face. You deserve to be happy, and I believe in you. “A failure is not a mistake; it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.” BF Skinner