Men's Issues

General Mental Health

Mental health concerns are just as common for men as for women, except that men are often told to just “suck it up and be a man” instead of being encouraged to get help. Oftentimes, common mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can present themselves through anger or substance abuse, which leads to men being vilified rather than being helped. At Bright Side Counseling, we will never make you feel like less of a man for seeking help. Schedule an appointment today and let one of our therapists help you embrace your manhood as you learn to cope with the stress in your life!


PTSD symptoms can develop from events such as natural disasters, serious accidents, life-threatening illnesses, physical abuse, and sexual assault. Common symptoms of PTSD are: nightmares, flashbacks, sleeping problems, fear, helplessness, and horror. You may not ever forget the event that led to your PTSD, but our therapists can help you process the trauma and learn ways to cope with the symptoms as you work toward being healthy again!

Substance Abuse

Addiction is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior. It leads to an inability to control the use of the addictive substance, whether it be nicotine, alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs. Whether you have just realized that you have a problem or you’ve tried quitting many times before, our therapists can work with you to beat this habit before it leads to further destruction in your life. Your job, relationships, and health do not need to be put in danger to counter the stress of daily life! Set up an appointment and start beating your addiction today!


Depression often occurs as the result of a known event, such as losing a family member, being fired from your job, or ending a relationship. Depression can also spring up from unknown sources and take us by surprise. Whether you know the cause or not, you don’t have to go through this process alone! Our experienced therapists can help you learn to overcome the overwhelming effects of depression so you can start living your best life again!

Men’s Group Therapy

The journey toward healing can be overwhelming to embark on by yourself. Our various workshops are designed to match you with other men who are dealing with the same struggles and addictions that you are experiencing. As part of our three-pronged approach to dealing with sexual addiction, we encourage all of our male clients to seek individual counseling, participate in a 12-step program, and enroll in one of our PSB (Problematic Sexual Behavior) workshops. Over 80% of those who attend our PSB workshops are still sober and on the path to recovery 6 months later!! You don’t have to be a lone wolf — enroll today!