Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy offers clients a safe, supportive, confidential environment to explore feelings, emotions, beliefs, and thoughts about themselves and the world around them. Through one on one conversations with a member of our team, clients are able to better understand themselves and others, examine behaviors, set personal goals, and develop actionable steps to achieve their goals. 

Couples Counseling

Both married and unmarried couples who engage in our counseling services are given an opportunity to discuss and process a variety of issues. Our team works with couples to identify specific points of conflict within the relationship and equip partners with tools to improve their communication. Whether dealing with grief and/or loss, infidelity, a loss of connection, or any of the multitude of hurdles couples can face, we are dedicated to helping address immediate concerns and creating long term plans to improve the happiness and overall health of those engaged in our services. 

Adolescent Therapy

We offer individual therapy to adolescents as well. Our counselors work tirelessly to address anxiety, depression, trauma, issues surrounding self-esteem, and any other challenges young people may be facing. Clients are taught ways to get to know themselves, cope better, communicate more effectively with the adults in their lives, and given tools to express themselves and aid in developing into happy, healthy adults.

Group Therapy/ Workshops

Guided by one of our licensed professionals, small groups of around 8-15 meet to discuss their behaviors and feelings, receive encouragement from each other and learn techniques to address the challenges they face. We also host a variety of guest speakers and local therapists for specialized workshops in our Annex location. Our groups are centered around a variety of topics including codependency, substance abuse, anger management, and problematic behaviors. Click Here to find out more about the Annex.